Enrich Your Content

ARQ+ features

ARQ+ has powerful entity recognition capabilities. Automatically identify and mark up relevant terms and entities within your content. ARQ+ can analyse your full corpus of content to leverage relationships and infer meaning.



Automatically extract and mark up key terms and links in your data with our advanced entity recognition engine.


Our enrichment processes can run over many types and formats of content.


Create the relationships between your key metadata. For instance Authors, Topics and Institutions.


Easily integrate established and custom thesauri, taxonomies and ontologies.


We will work with you to help identify and extract the hidden value in your content.


Our enrichment processes improve as they get to know your content and can extract meaning from your full corpus of material.

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Bespoke content solutions tailored to your organisation

Keep all your publishing data in one place with our content agnostic data store. Store the final files, production/editorial material and any associated material in a fully featured digital asset management system.

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Easily find precisely what you want. ARQ+ lets you associate unlimited metadata with content so that filtering to find specific pieces of content or creating new collections or products couldn't be easier.

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Manage Workflows

ARQ+ has a powerful workflow management features that allow you to track your content projects through their lifecycle. Create and assign tasks, set automatic reminders and get notified of any delays.

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Supporting many standard publishing XML syndication formats such ONIX, BITS and JATS; ARQ+ has powerful distribution tools so that you can automatically push content to your network of affiliates and platforms.

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If you are looking to enrich your content, let ARQ+ help maximise its potential. We can advise you on hidden value in your data. ARQ+ offers a wide range of content analytics and enrichment functions.

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Integrate and improve your current content creation workflows ARQ+ is an XML based content management system that can help you create and work with digital content.

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